[Book Review] India Moving

INdia Moving


India Moving is an excellent primer on Indian migration both within and outside the country over last two centuries. Given my own migration background I was naturally interested and quite curious on why certain communities in India are able outperform rest of country. Although its NOT a comprehensive study on the Indian history of Migration, it does a decent job. It does contain a lot interesting facts.

Did you know the logo of IIM Ahmedabad was inspired by Sidi Saiyyed Mosque which was built by Sidi, a group of people migrated from East Africa to India.

By far my favorite chapter is “Merchant and Captial”. This chapter focuses on the communities like Marwaris, Sindhis, Parsis and Chettairs who dominate the Indian economy. It was interesting to find that rise of Parsis is similar to the Robber barons in the Gilded age.

My next favorite chapter has to be “Diaspora and Dreams”. India receives highest remittances in the world. It was fascinating to learn about many involuntary and voluntary migration outside the country. Many volunteered to migrate outside the country to escape the rigid caste system and inequality.

Other chapters focuses on the great migration and displacement of communities due to partitions and riots within the country. I really wish the book had explored more on the subject. Overall on excellent primer on the subject. recommended