Unpopular Opinion: Kindle is better than physical books

There I said it, Kindle version is better than physical books for most non-fiction books. Why? Most people would site one or more of the following reasons why Kindle is better.

  1. It’s portable.
  2. Easy to carry.
  3. Practically non-perishable.
  4. Cheaper.

However, those are not my arguments. The only reason I find Kindle better than physical books, it’s a highly efficient way to read and internalize a complex non-fiction book. Here is how I do it.

  1. Get your non-fiction on Kindle. Read.
  2. Highlight and write notes on key points and record your thoughts.
  3. Export highlights and notes using “Export Notebook”.
  4. Drill down the core-insights.
  5. Write down the core-insights as 5-10 minutes of reading.
  6. Keep it in “Evernote” or “Google Drive”.

This has radically changed note-making and reading forever, at least for me. Let me know what effective methods you use to make notes.

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